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Fee Structure for 2023-2024 Season

Mustangs Program Fees, 2023-2024

Approved by Mustangs Board on 7/12/23

Our program is all-volunteer, so we need all families to provide at least one volunteer to help coach, plan, organize, keep score, monitor locker rooms, etc.

Mustangs Association Fees 

  • Mustangs House Program (per 10-week session): $150
    • $275 for both 10-week House sessions when purchased together
  • 8U Mites (per 10-week session): $200
    • $375 for both 10-week Mites sessions when purchased together
  • Little Howlers (per 6-week session): $250 (includes hockey gear package)
  • 12U Rec (full 20-week season): $575
  • CGHL 12U, 15U, 19U (full 20-week season): $950
    • CGHL (game only or practice only): $475

19U Tier II team
(also includes CGHL registration)

  • NM resident: $3000

  • non-NM resident: $2200

  • Practice only: $2000

Other required costs

USA Hockey Annual Registration (paid to USA Hockey): $30-$85 (varies by age)

Mustangs jersey set (required for Mites and House teams): $50

Mustangs uniform set (required for Rec and CGHL teams): $175

Tier equipment package (required for Tier team): $600