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08/27/2015, 10:00pm MDT
By Shander



Hi, Mustangs--



We have another great fundraising opportunity, this time using a site called Dreamfund. Like its famous cousins Kickstarter and Indigogo, Dreamfund is a crowdfunding site where anyone can contribute. The money collected is put in an FDIC Insured DreamFund Savings account in our name, where it earns interest until we're ready to withdraw it – whether that is 3 months or 20 years.



Like all crowdfunding efforts, it needs lots of people to get the word out to everyone they know. This isn't about us Mustangs putting in more money (although you're welcome to!) but about getting others to help us realize our dreams of getting more NM girls on the ice and sending a team to compete at the national level.



Take a look at the link below and see what you think, Then can you send it to at least three people you think might contribute? The goal is to raise $2000 by September.



Just as any contribution is appreciated, any effort you can make to spread the word is appreciated, too. Email, Facebook, Instagram .... with our growing membership that's a lot of eyes!



Thanks, as always, for everything you already do to support girls' hockey in New Mexico. And, of course, GO MUSTANGS!




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