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Recent New Mexico Mustangs U19AA Tier II News

New Mexico Mustangs battle hard in Rocky Mountain Districts

By Cody Seaton 03/13/2024, 9:15am MDT

Districts Review

In a riveting display of athleticism and determination, the New Mexico Mustangs recently participated in the fiercely contested Rocky Mountain Districts, seeking to stamp their authority on the regional stage. However, despite their valiant efforts, the Mustangs found themselves coming up short in their pursuit of glory.

However, despite their best efforts, the Mustangs fell short of their ultimate objective, unable to secure the coveted championship title. Despite the bitter disappointment of defeat, the Mustangs displayed admirable sportsmanship, graciously acknowledging the superior performance of their opponents while vowing to return stronger and more determined in the future.

As the dust settles on their Rocky Mountain District campaign, the New Mexico Mustangs can take pride in their resilience, unity, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Though the road to victory may have been fraught with obstacles, the Mustangs have emerged from the competition with valuable lessons learned and a renewed determination to conquer future challenges on their quest for greatness.

Goal Score was Hanna Weinman assisted by Brigit Rivard.

The Belt:

Abby Walker - Playing injured, She took 42 shots against Mountain Select to help the Mustangs stay in the game. Abby got the belt for her hard work. 

The Team - the New Mexico Mustangs can take pride in their resilience, unity, and unwavering commitment to excellence. They have formed an unbreakable bond.

Boulder Breakout Review

By Cody Seaton 03/11/2024, 3:15pm MDT

Boulder Breakout

As the U19 Tier II girls' hockey season climaxed, the New Mexico Mustangs found themselves with a chance to reach the semi-finals at the Boulder Breakout Tournament. They've been steadily building momentum, all with their sights set on the ultimate prize: success in the district championships.

The Boulder Breakout tournament was a wild weekend. It found the Mustangs digging in hard to overcome obstacles to make the semi-finals. The Mustangs had to beat the Colorado Springs Tigers to advance. The Tigers set the tone of the game scoring quickly and injuring starting goaltender Abby Walker. Abby battled hard the day before, holding the Roughriders to a 2-2 tie and boasting a .928 SV% against them. Captain Kiki Lagenwalter understood the situation and answered the Tiger's goal with a blistering wrist shot served up by Kaylie Everette. By the end of the first period, the score was 4-3, with goals and assists from Kiki, Kaylie, and Hanna Weinman. The 2nd period saw Claire Cox become the human torch, turning the back of the net to ashes. Claire scored her first goal of the season and the Mustang's first hat trick of the season in one game. Ryan Kitts picked up another goal in the 2nd to help put the Mustangs up 8-5. Unfortunately, the Tigers were determined to win also. This hard-fought, high-scoring game came down to the last minutes, with the Tigers able to battle back and tie the game at 9-9.


Additional tournament goals were from Hanna who was assisted by Kiki, and Hailey “Nemo” Anderson assisted by Brigit Rivard & Claire against the Rough Riders. Against Idaho was Kiki from Kaylie and Arden Estes. 


For the Mustangs, every match of the season has been a stepping stone, with each victory and setback contributing to their growth and development as a team. From the early-season challenges to the mid-season triumphs, every moment on the ice has been a valuable learning experience, preparing them for the rigors of district competition.


Now, as they approach the district championships, the Mustangs are fully aware that everything they've worked for all season has been leading up to this moment. But for the Mustangs, success in the district championships is about more than just winning games. It's about showcasing the heart, passion, and resilience that have defined their journey throughout the season. It's about representing their team and their community with pride and honor. Above all, it's about leaving everything they have on the ice and seizing the opportunity to etch their names into the annals of girls' hockey history. 


The stage is set, the moment is now – and the Mustangs are ready to rise to the occasion.


Game Belts: 


Claire Cox - all season has been a presence in front of the net. Takes slash after slash and cross-check after cross-check trip after trip but always returns to the front of the net.

Hanna Weinman - put us on the board getting that first goal. Hanna was a factor on both sides of the game. Making key stops in the defensive zone and getting back to the attacking zone to score goals. 

Kiki Langenwalter - Getting goals and leading the way. Kiki up or down keeps the team together and that fighting spirit going. 

Claire Cox - 3 goals first team Hat trick and first goal of the season! Nuff said this kid had an amazing weekend. 

Boulder Break-out Game Pucks: These were awards handed out by the opposing team Coaches. 


Morgan Seaton - Montana’s Coach said she stayed in it all game and never showed discouragement. He said he loved her style of play and attitude. 

Abby Walker - The Rough Riders Coach said it was a goalie's game and she frustrated their players and threw their game off. 

Emma Reinsvold - Idaho’s Coach said that Emma is a beast who always goes hard and gives his girls hell. 


Mustangs VS Rough Riders

By Cody Seaton 10/22/2022, 3:15pm MDT

Game 3 Silver Sticks

New Mexico Mustangs' early start did not go as planned. The Mustangs lost to the Lady Rough Riders 8-0 this morning. 

Look out for game 4 later today.