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Volunteers & Coaches

Welcome to the Mustangs Volunteers & Coaches Page

All volunteers & coaches must fulfill the requirements shown on the SafeSport Page (click to link).

The New Mexico Mustangs programs are all-volunteer.

We need all families to provide at least one adult volunteer to support the needs of our players and teams. We have many volunteer roles and we can find the right fit for anyone! We provide training for all volunteer roles.

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Alexia Nichols,,  can provide information about our volunteer roles, and will be in contact with you about them.

Please indicate which volunteer opportunities interest you (check all that apply):

(all roles are off-ice except for Coach)

  • Coach

  • Manager (administrative and logistical support for teams, see below)

  • Locker room monitor (women 21 or over only)

  • Scorekeeper / timekeeper / penalty box monitor / DJ / broadcaster

  • Marketing / promotion

  • Fundraising

  • Photography / graphic design / web design

  • Association Board Member



Each Mustangs team has a Manager, who is appointed by the team's Head Coach. The Manager's duties include:

  • Organizing volunteers to fulfill the duties described below
  • Communicating updates to the team about practices, games, etc, in conjunction with the team's Head Coach
  • Other duties as needed to help the team's coaching staff, parents, and players